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Bored will make you go crazy, bored will make you do things that aren’t you, bored will make u think you need love or drugs or money or fun. Being bored is the worst, being bored is the worst… I’m telling you… Life isn’t boring, anything anything at all isn’t boring it’s just a switch in your head and it’s controllable
I just need to learn


a cup of coffee staggered through out the week, a place to be and things to look forward to.
I love deeply, you don’t have to love selfishly. Be smart about your love, and know it’s boundaries. Love is patient, love is distant, love is happy and warm.
I am watching ants move a pile of larva out of a puddle.
I do love my ants

time duh

zen but itching can that even be,
time will always move,
so I’ll never feel free,
tired yet sleeping doesn’t seem right,
It’s just another waste of time’s valuable night,
I’ve been up for days no longer sure of any minuet,
trying to save the time has left me in debt,
never ending cycle like the hands on a clock’s face,
not worth fighting it’s and un-win-able race,
so just let moments pass and feel time’s looming embrace.


big empty house filled with sad puppy souls, tears in my eyes, loosing all control, blurry vision, warm sadness touches skin, each drop of salt water has an even bigger twin, short hollow breaths stuffing emotion deep within, no chance of any smile laugh or grin.

you kind of always see dead dear on the side of roads, and idk about u but I just always think first how alive it was and how awfully dead it now looks and is but I never even think about the person who hit the deer, like in just the fact of the event of killing a huge deer with ur car and seeing it die and having ur car all wrecked and the shock and sudden like craziness and horror of that happening to someone! It’s never been me, it’s never been anyone I know if I think about it, but it’s someone, a handful of someones every night and every day, just so weird to me, it happens and I always see the deer’s side of the story, dead and mangled, but like the human’s part in that I never even thought about.
It’s like are they getting hit by cars? Or are they just getting dropped back onto earths highways by the aliens that abducted them..? do u understand my brain?

Random ass rap rap rap

sitting in the sand, sad girl cryin, give it to me straight, can’t take the lyin,
Easy enough to forget your keys, get locked out ur house now your begging on the streets, escalated way sooner than u thought, now ur using drugs? turn ur brain to rot, nothing to eat, stealing getting caught, now who knew that this was God’s big plot. U Fix urself up, go to school and make some money, things seem great, even think someone could love me, but what the heck life strikes down again, and ur back on the streets holding out your hand, but that cup of coins with no coins in it, isn’t such a struggle it’s really just a gimmick! The sun sets orange and kings crowns are gold too, if u look for the signs life’s much bigger than you, so just take a step back and enjoy the view, cause it’s all heaven and hell there ain’t much you can do.

kendall remember to stay in line, know ur place, don’t mess anything up, be good, keep calm, know your place.. If ur not sure of ur place assume u r nothing assume ur an ant and stay humble keep quiet, speak when spoken too. Not sure y I think like this not much sure of anything