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I wanna cry cause I just wrote this whole thing and my phone died and now it’s gone.
Point 1
I start school next Wednesday. And someone special told me that confidence isn’t key. Pride is key and pride brings self worth which is valuable honest happiness. And to get pride you have to work hard and do things that aren’t easy. This will bring more truth to my life.
Then someone told me “I don’t need sex, I need a cigarette” and I felt like I loved them. But people tell me my feelings aren’t reAl and they might be right!!! I convince myself all the time things that may not b real or true.
But you know, I swam in the ocean, I laughed so so hard.
I didn’t know I could float on my back!!!i found strange sea weeds and slimey rocks. The sand feels good and the water is cool. The waves are calming and the view is beautiful. I wanna be a dolphin.

Horrible food, warm beer, we just played darts, until the sun came up.. Neither of us wanted to leave, I cried.

I don’t fuxking understand a thing and I’m scared

I’m dramatic, I over think things, I play with ideas and fantasize. Uhg parking ticket idk everything is an act, when am I being real? It’s freaky? It’s freaky
Who am I? I seem to know who you are, to me. Enemy, or accomplice.
Trying to get it all done, but doing nothing with my life!!!!
Who am I kidding? I really don’t care, as long as I can live with myself and I promise me I always can.
My mind will always twist reality to make everything okay, and it’ll always be worth watching.
Fuck you thank you sums everything up I think

yay rain, rain when sad is always nice 4 me