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silly silly silly
silly silly me

I think I’m the only one with weird weird thoughts, like but I must know that isn’t true. No one says everything they’re thinking.

My feet are freezing cold. My toenails are too long, my toes are really short.

Talent is inside of me, and a lot of people too. The more you do somthing the better you get at it and that’s so obvious to say but you can apply that to anything you want to do and become great! If you try, I think, and I think that is amazing!

I am content, life is nice, so nice it feels like cry nice. Because I never knew that just being good made things good. And I don’t care how obvious that may sound because I am just too happy I realized for me.

Puppies are so happy. A pet is such a strange idea to me sometimes. I love dogs all dogs, but I love a dog I can hold with my arms, in my arms.